Friday, March 8, 2019

War Is Inevitable

War is inevitable. Not only am I not the first to say this – just recently another author outright stated this so it is not exactly a startling statement. Even if I drilled down, stating a United States Civil War II is inevitable you may yawn and wonder so what? In a sense it may seem obvious. Some openly state we are already at war. Here I'll make a case not only for the inevitability of a CWII – one much bloodier the CWI but a war that will once and for all dissolve the Union.

Let me first say I would very much prefer a peaceful solution. I not want this war but, realistically speaking, this is not going to happen. The opposing forces have been gathering strength since before CWI. They are relentless. To invoke a popular acronym: TINVOWOOT – There is no voting our way out of this. The plan fact is, you and I, all of us really, have no choice in the matter as I will soon demonstrate.

My own struggle with trying to understand what is happening around me pushes me to step back for a broader perspective. How broad is it? I cannot say for sure but I suspect it does not span as large a horizon as I'd like. In short, I recommend you add my perspective to your own and take in those of as many others as you see fit. I've never laid claim to any particularly gifted insight. It is unique in the respect that it is my own. It is no better or worse than any other – just different. So what do I see from my point of view? Much the same as many of you, I'd say. But two opposing concepts stand out.

The globalists want war more than anyone. Many have pointed out they've provoked wars over decades, even centuries. Specifically, they want CWII right here on our soil. What stumped me for so long was the argument made by many more learned and more eloquent than I that a civil war against us dirt people cannot win. So why? Are they stupid? No. They are not stupid. Do they have some “secret weapon” ensuring a decisive victory? Not likely. So why? WHY wage war against us? This is when it dawned on me – forgive me for being slow – they do not care about winning the war. Their goal is to destroy this nation. Think about this.

A Scorched Earth Policy

You may have heard about the “American Stonehenge” i.e. Georgia Guidestones

As there are a total of ten inscriptions, one might say they are a “humanistic ten commandments”. The very first one being:

“Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature.”

For those who don't like counting zeros – this is half a billion – suggesting a reduction of the current world population by more than 80%. One might read some of the other inscriptions and even consider them noble ideas such as:

“Protect people and nations with fair laws and just courts. ”

In and of itself this “guide” sounds oh so benevolent – until your eyes are drawn back to number one. How would one propose reducing the current population to a half-billion or “maintaining” at this level? Indeed all the rest of the “guidelines” should be considered in light of the first. I find it no less than insidious. How would such a task be accomplished in the United States? Consider the actions of the globalists as a whole.

Promoting open borders with “migrants” pouring into our country.

Piling up mountainous debt.

Shredding the very fabric of western society.

Incrementally removing our ability and more subtly... our right to self-defense.

For the moment, think of our nation as a pond. With the right management, the pond can teem with fish and other life providing sustenance for all and a safe, comfortable place to live. Now start adding regulations causing the pond to become overpopulated, dirty – lacking food and even oxygen. Introduce vile predator fish who prey not only to eat but viciously kill for the sake of killing. Continue to add more and more fish of all sorts – whether or not this pond environment is healthy for them. Eventually most, if not all life in the pond will cease to exist.

The above example is vastly oversimplified but the analogy is valid. The globalists are using every possible method not to simply control our nation but to destroy it. Think about it. They already control nearly everything. Population reduction would be a simple matter of following the example of China, the USSR, Germany and other totalitarian nations if they could only totally disarm us. At this point, I do not know if they realized long ago this could not happen or if this understanding became evident in recent decades. It doesn't matter. It should now be obvious this generation will not pass without a battle. I cannot see them waiting for the next generation or so. As a matter of fact, I see the tide in attitude turning. The generation following the millennials may well be more like ours than the generation preceding them. Where does that leave the globalists?

Another crucial factor I see in our society is a seeming boiling point coming to a head. I cannot say whether this is contrived or natural but the left is pushing harder while the right digs in. The problem I see is while the nation may turn back somewhat as it did in the Reagan years, we will not turn back far enough. We cannot as most of the population will not allow it. How can I say this with certainty? Because I lived through the eighties as many of you did. When Reagan left office the nation stopped turning away from globalism and turned back again like a dog on his vomit. It took me a long, long time to understand what happened here. Even as I watched in horror as Bush I (whom I never warmed to) stayed a mere four years before ushering in the Clinton years. It wasn't until Trump was elected that I realized we would not only never see another Reagan but, even if we did, it would not stop the globalists. So what do I see ahead?

First, please note, what I “see” is merely extrapolation of past and current events. It is in no way prophesy. I have no special insight or “vision”. It is the gist you may wish to consider over the details.

Ahead, the globalists will get their war. Few on the right want it but many, I'd say, are tired of acquiescing - compromising our values to accommodate the increasingly untenable demands of the left. More importantly, many of us can see the end result of some of those demands. It is not hard as the left states their case plainly. They want to eliminate us entirely. At some point, we will put our feet down and simply refuse. This is already happening. But that is not all.

Ironically the “SJW”s – Social Justice Warriors – ignore the true meaning of the word “justice”. We not only understand what it means but we take said meaning to heart. This may be the real reason we are as a group so tolerant – we want to be just as well as fair. It is this sense of justice and fair play that will rear up and demand an end to the globalists' hanky-panky. Their collective motto seems to be “for me and not for thee.” They take whatever they want, do anything they please and ignore any and all laws, regulations and rules our society imposes when they deem them inconvenient for themselves. Even when caught red-handed they wave away any authority, declining to endure any repercussions. Time and time again, they get away with it! Often the worse outcome they face is retirement with a healthy lifetime pension for their “public service”. The proletariat, however, is expected to tow the line in every respect or face dire consequences. Simply being accused is often enough to ruin entire lives or even families. Such is not justice. We know that and at some point we will cease to tolerate these double standards. But wait! There's more...

The above paragraphs indicate what may drive the right into battle, but it is the left, driven by the globalists who really want war. Most of us on the right want to be left alone to live our lives and are slowing realizing en masse that ain't gonna happen. The globalists are the classic bullies spoiling for a fight. They are determined, absolutely committed to starting one and they'll keep prodding, pushing and instigating until they get it. Unlike most bullies, they have a greater purpose, ultimately their one-world government. Above all else this is how and why I came to the conclusion war is inevitable. Nobody can accurately predict what that final straw will be for all hell to break loose, but we can all see the globalists loading straw on the camel.

While the globalists may indeed prefer a bloodless coup allowing them to whittle down our numbers by employing slave labor directly or indirectly – the way things are playing out seems to indicate otherwise. Instead they are fomenting invasions at our borders with people who hate us. They are building an army of unpaid mercenaries. The left, likely at the prodding of their globalist masters has instigated violence on the right as well as outright committing violent acts. We have seen first-hand leftists demanding satisfaction for perceived infractions later proven false while looking the other way when those on the right are openly and blatantly attacked. At this point one can almost see some at the top of the globalist heap scratching their heads wondering “What is it gonna take?” Almost. Deep down they know and they are planning right now. What might they be planning?

Look around you. In just the past few weeks they've passed or tried to pass laws permitting infanticide – literally killing babies. They've ramped up anti-self defense laws (call them anti-gun if you want but no, they never have and never will stop there.) The latest craze – in every sense of the word – is passing “red flag” laws. Meanwhile their minions make every effort to go on the offensive. All of this is smokescreen designed to stir things up until some false flag event.

Not too long ago I was looking at the red flag laws, pondering scenarios where the globalists would continue their incremental attack on legal or newly illegalized gun owners – created by passing unconstitutional anti-second amendment laws that are doubly unconstitutional as they are also ex-post facto laws. We do not need an opinion from any black-robed thug. We all know these laws are absolutely immoral, unconstitutional and just plain wrong. Anyone denying this might just as well deny the planet is not flat for all the credibility they can muster. Their so-called arguments hold no water. While busting down doors in search of newly minted dangerous criminals hoarding rubber bands may infuriate many – even this may not be enough to start their war. Thus far we've put up with far more than any reasonable man can expect. By all rights the nation should be rife with gallows. I no longer see their war beginning with this. If not, then how?

As I alluded to before, my guess is they are planning some monstrous false flag event. It will have to have all the elements to signal a war while allowing no room to turn back. They will have to be able to put the blame solely on innocent, law-abiding gun owners or some equally hated group. My money is on gun-owners. The evidence will have to be so overwhelming so as to convince even some on our side of the tracks. Or maybe not. As I was contemplating this paragraph, Matt Bracken's astounding “Enemies Foreign and Domestic” came to mind. The trilogy opens with a false flag event. While it is entirely plausible as a false flag, I always questioned the logic behind the response to the event. What I neglected to account for is the near entire lack of logical thinking when it comes to legislation. This is generally true of any legislation but all logic is almost entirely tossed out of any gun control law. What does this mean to us?

Only this: a false flag event could easily serve as a platform for turning many gun owners into felons. Indeed, some might say, this has already been tried several times. Vegas is still suspicious – recently one pointed out the media knew more about a smirking teenager within 24 hours then they know about an alleged mass murderer after over 18 months. Sandy Hook is looked upon with a suspicious eye for several reasons. As a matter of fact, some wonder whether any of the mass shootings in recent years were authentic or staged. Heck, the assassination of Kennedy is still questioned. The bottom line is two-fold. 

First, it is an established fact some groups will stage a false flag event to promote their cause – even our own government was caught red-handed more than once. 

Second in the end it won't matter. When the media seizes on such an event – false flag or not – the result is the same – heated calls for greater draconian measures against innocent citizens. Right now the time is ripe for something like this. Will the globalists be able to finally push things over the edge? Maybe. Maybe not. Time will tell. However this brings up one more consideration, or rather, a warning.

Nothing will turn out as expected. The globalists – or at least some of them – want an 80% reduction in population. One figure for the U. S. puts our population at about 325 million – 80% of this is 260 million. That is 260 million dead. This is not counting illegal aliens. We're talking bloodbath here. Who is going to kill all of these people? I cannot see this coming from the right. Yes, I can see cities being decimated. Yes, I can see innocents being killed by both sides, but 260 million people dead is unthinkable. Yet this is their goal. Certainly they are capable. Look at their puppets in China, the USSR, Germany... the list goes on. Mass murder is nothing new to them. It is one of the reasons we resist. While many of us shudder to believe it, deep down we know it is true.

Recently I reread “The Pig Trap” on the Taxicab Depressions blog. It was well worth it. Early on, Taxi's fare relates on how all of this could be settled by ridding ourselves of about 100 individuals. While few of us would compose, much less act on such a “death list”, I believe most of us would prefer a surgical procedure to a radical amputation. No matter what we are not inclined to wholesale eradication. My point is, if there is going to be a massive reduction of population, I do not expect it to be the result of the war the globalists so greatly desire. They may see themselves as gaining the upper hand and herding all of us “insurrectionists” into camps and finally, death showers, but it won't happen on our watch. The alternative is a later, extended war. In other words, we may and likely will win this one but it will not end there. They'll be back and they'll bring more with them. As so many have said before relating to “gun control” it's not about guns... it is about control.

The war the globalists yearn for is certainly inevitable. The “when” is still in question. Will they wait until they have full control of all three branches of government again? Or will they act sooner? I see no reason for them to wait. For whatever reason this president has proven somewhat malleable. Given the right circumstances he may well throw in with the globalists. As for the globalist agenda I see little downside. It would not be the first time a crisis failed to produce desired results. That said, I am not convinced Trump is far removed from them or possibly compromised in some way. I would not put it past these fiends to threaten every member of the president's family. Keep in mind many contend Reagan's shooting was intended to put him on a short leash. Is this true? Who knows? What matters more is where we are now as a people and as a nation and where we are is on the brink of Civil War II.

While most of those – at least on the right – do not really want this war, our options dwindle day by day. Just as nobody really knows who really fired the “shot heard around the world”, who throws the first punch thrown in this fight may well be obscured, but, rest assured, there will be a fight. While I expect it to be decisive, things will not end there. It is going to be a long haul. Keep prepping. We are all going to need every resource we can get.

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