Saturday, June 11, 2016

What Is Inevitable...

While at least one person thinks she is the "inevitable" next POTUS, she is sadly mistaken. While she may indeed be succeed the current POTUS, even she is not foolish enough to take it for granted. Only one thing is truly inevitable...

A new world government is coming.

As I've said many times: it matters not who is POTUS. We could toss Congress in it's entirety out on their collective (figuratively and literally) ears. Okay, 2/3 of the Senate would take a while but even if we could start with an otherwise clean slate - IT WOULD NOT MATTER! Why?

In order to understand the current political state of the world, you need to understand the spiritual state of the world. If you are an atheist then you will not fully understand it or you will reject it as so much BS. Please just keep in mind, I am not trying to “reach” you. This message is geared specifically towards my brothers and sisters in Christ. I expect many of them to question, dispute or outright reject these words. No matter. Just don't try denying gravity as you jump from a 30 story building.

Much of this message is based on my understanding of scriptural prophesy. I do not claim any greater insight than anyone else. Nor do I believe I have a “handle” on anything others have missed. All I am doing here is looking at what is written in light of what is plainly seen in today's world.

For instance: we know the adversary is a liar. Jesus called him the father of lies. So ask yourself... how far will he go? Where would he stop?

Scripture states in 1 Corinthians 14:33 that God is not the author of confusion. While it does not state specifically who is, it certainly implies confusion indeed has an author. Now whom might you suspect?

Does the adversary care if someone is confused? Certainly not. Does it matter which lie you believe? No. Is there then any advantage to pitting just one lie against the one truth? None whatsoever. As a matter of fact, the advantage lies in pitting many untruths against the one truth. Confusing the issue so one does not choose between truth or lie but must winnow out from total falsehoods, partial truths, corrupt truths and the one truth.

Look around you. How much obvious truth do you see? There is a former KGB operative who speaks much about how the communists worked to sow deception in the US. Sources in the US government admitted to using nationwide media to deceive the public. Sources in this current administration have admitted time and time again they outright lie. They lied about the health care act, about the IRS targeting groups opposed to the current administration, about the latest Iran deal and countless other things. And these are the topics they've openly admitted to lying about. Keep in mind, this is simply “current events”. There is nothing new here, nor unusual. That's the point: lying is business as usual. This is certainly not limited to governments.

The media itself is full of lies. News is entertainment. Entertainment has become increasingly ungodly. Have you ever heard of sex in advertising? Again, none of this is new.

Consider the movie “Psycho” produced in 1960 – a time considered relatively innocent. No, don't look at the primary story line, look at the opening scenes. The heroine, Marilyn Crane, steals money from her employer so she can marry her boyfriend – whom she is obviously sleeping with. Today, few would blink an eye at this. And that makes my point exactly.

At one time it was considered scandalous for even a man and wife to be shown in the same bed, fully clothed, without one having one foot on the floor. And now...?

Sexual promiscuity is only one area where the adversary has poisoned our lives. How far will he go? Will the doors of a godly church stop him? Not for a second. What area of our lives would he NOT poison? I cannot think of one.

This is not an indictment – my goal is for you to come to the realization I have. In scripture we read that a little leaven will leaven the whole lump. Leaven is yeast and, indeed, it only takes a little to work it's way through all the dough.

We have all turned away from God to some extent. Some more than others. Some reject God entirely. This is how the adversary expects to win. He has infiltrated everywhere and inundated everything with lies, falsehoods and deceit. Ironically he even deceives the deceivers. Do you REALLY think the fools at the top are actually orchestrating all of this? Some of them know this. They actually bow to and worship the devil himself – or some facsimile thereof.

This is why politics can offer no hope. The adversary has succeeded. Even so he has not won. All that is was meant to be. We are simply seeing a culmination of centuries of dedicated effort.

A world government was prophesied over 2,000 years ago. You don't have to believe this to recognize what has occurred over the last 100 years. Any history buff can confirm those looking for a "New World Order" are not genius innovators but power-hungry people who only want to rule the world. They didn't invent the idea. But it should be obvious such people are active today and determined to do just that. And they will succeed. Or someone else will. The "who" doesn't matter. It is the "what" that is unavoidable. But when?

While I cannot say with absolute certainty, I'm convinced the world will not see a world government until after Jesus Christ gathers together his elect. Let's explore this for a moment:

As I stated before, a world government is inevitable. Such a world government is prophesied in both the old and new testaments. Even if you disregard the prophecies, you only have to look around to see what has to happen. Is it likely we will see two world governments? Not very. How will it be before this occurs? One thousand years? Doubtful. One hundred years? I cannot see this either. Look at the last hundred years. You can see how all of this was in the works even then. Knowledge and technology has increased exponentially in the last ten decades. This alone strongly suggests all will be in place easily within the next twenty years. Technologically, everything is already in place for such prophecies as the whole world watching the murder of the two witnesses of Christ (Revelation 11:9) and controlling who buys or sells with the “mark of the beast” (Revelation 13:16,17). That said, we seem to be on the very brink. One major war, one cataclysmic disaster, one massive economic collapse and the world would be ripe for the picking.

The sudden disappearance of millions of people would fit well with this kind of scenario. This idea has been portrayed countless times. While I'm not saying this is what must happen, it does seem to fit. And this leads me to conclude these events will happen soon. So what does "soon" mean? Of this I am not sure but signs are everywhere and increase daily.

If you are a Christian, you've probably held similar thoughts. But how do we know for sure? My understanding is we should live our lives as if Christ could come for us at any time. I don't know about you but I haven't done so well in this area. Okay, I stink at it. Even so, my own feeling of urgency grows each day.

The funny thing is, when I was a young man - a long time ago – great emphasis was placed on “witnessing”, holding forth God's word with an eye to bringing new believers into the fold. I was not the most enthusiastic person about that. I still cannot see myself in “full evangelistic mode”. However I can see the irony when I ask myself what is the most important thing to focus on today? Consider this:

You are on vacation with a bunch of family and friends at a beach resort town. While everyone heard reports of a coming hurricane, it looks like it will miss the town so all agree to make the best of things and enjoy yourselves. The hurricane turns towards your group. It is now headed directly for you. What do you do? What if some of your friends decide it's nothing to worry about and want to turn it into a “hurricane party”? Would you try to convince them otherwise? If you had to leave for your own and your family's safety, would you fail to warn others? What about total strangers who seem oblivious to the fact that this hurricane is bearing down on them? Well... the storm clouds are forming.

As I said before, I am no evangelist. As I understand it, an evangelist is primarily a gift ministry. However this doesn't mean I should ignore the need to step things up – to be more bold and to ask for and seize opportunities as they present themselves. And take a few risks.

Aside from this, I plan on taking the President's advice and prepare our family for potential disaster. While we've always kept enough around to where we could weather a storm, I now consider it prudent to improve on this idea. You might wonder if this isn't contrary to what I wrote above. I think not.

First, no one knows for sure when anything will happen. Second, I can say from experience that nothing occurs exactly as I've envisioned it – after all, I am no prophet. Even if all went exactly as outlined above – it does not mean we could not experience some sort of crisis or natural disaster in the mean time. Finally, if all preparations are in place and Christ comes for me, then someone will need what we've laid up because the world will be turned upside down.

As Christians, we've been instructed from very early on in the epistles to expect Christ to return at any time. Indeed, the language is so adamant, some believe he returned in the first century. At this time in history, I believe we should not only return to the idea the Christ could return at any moment but embrace it as never before. This in no way means we should drop everything and go wait on some mountain for Jesus to find us. People have done this before. The only thing they accomplished was to demonstrate how truly loony that idea is. So if one truly believes Jesus could return at any moment, what do we do?

Live your life. God placed you exactly where you are for a reason. Do prepare for the possibility of some emergency. How much should you prepare? Use your common sense. In all my years, I've only experienced one true “emergency”. It was a flood. We were without power for about 3 days. The National Guard enforced a curfew. We were not prepared at all but we did all right. One the other hand, during this same period in my life, my mom was sick for a week and could not work. As she was the sole support of our family, we were out of food before she could get back to work. Back then, people didn't have emergency supplies. Do what you can. Three months worth of food is a fair target but if you can only stock up for a week, it is better than nothing. All this is just what seems reasonable to me. I am no expert in this. There are plenty who are. I'd only caution you to start simply and stay within your budget.

Other than preparing for some disruption in your life, what should you do? As I said before our number one priority should be to bring more people to where they can make a decision about Christ. About that, I've long held a contention about “witnessing”. I believe there is a difference between “witnessing” and being a witness. As Christians we are witnesses. People see us and they judge all Christians. I hate to say it but I've been too often a prime example of the need for grace. On the other hand, I think we can use that also. I've known just as many people who refused salvation because they didn't think they could be “good enough” as those who felt they didn't need salvation because they were “good people”. Both miss the point that salvation is a gift rather than something we've earned.

In light of the above, I'm sure we can all be brighter lights than we've been up until now. Consider political discussions... who will you vote for this November? The way things stand now, I will likely vote for Trump, but it really doesn't matter. Obama's shenanigans are immaterial. Clinton's activities are irrelevant. They are ALL irrelevant! At least in light of the Christ coming for us. If he came today – what else matters? If I think about it, I'm sure there are a few people I would like to reach but other than that... I'm good to go.

There is one last thing, I feel compelled to mention. What IF Jesus came today? I mean right now? Who would come looking for you? Chances are somebody would. If not, surely someone would come along to loot your home.

When this was first published, I offered a copy of a letter I intended to leave for anyone not taken to read. This section was edited out. Why? Please read "My Grave Error" for a detailed explanation, but in short, I previously thought salvation by grace would still be available. I do not know this to be accurate. As a matter of fact I now stand in doubt of this idea entirely.

I may still leave a letter and I may still offer one to readers here as a guide, but this is not a priority right now. Unless I feel compelled by God to do such a thing, I will not. Please note, "feeling compelled" does not necessarily mean it is from God.

Meanwhile, expect things to get progressively worse (pun not intended but I like it anyway). If you take a stand the adversary will take notice. Expect to become a target. We cannot tell how long we've got left or how bad things will get. Draw close to our Heavenly Father and our Lord Christ Jesus. Let your spirit lead you.

May our Heavenly Father and our Lord Jesus Christ keep you and bless you abundantly!

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