Sunday, October 23, 2016


As I wrote my last post, I mentioned about pushing a reset button on my life – something I am sure many of us would like to do. Well, it got me to thinking along those lines and here I am.

While it is easy to see there is no such thing as a “reset” button for our lives, I've seen many people write articles and such as if one existed for our nation. It ain't gonna happen.

One of the most prevalent proffering of this idea is Trumps “Make America Great Again” theme. Granted, this concept can be taken to mean something like: “regain what made this country great”. But what we really seem to want is to return to a time when our nation was, well better. There are two things wrong with this concept besides the fact that turning back the clock is not an option.

First is my notion that we've all be deceived about how “great” this nation ever was – or at least until the civil war. Don't get me wrong – even despite the lies and double-dealing from our government, no other nation can equal what we have here. However, true justice (and by this I mean the courts not that “social justice” crap) has always gone to those who can afford it. Meanwhile, the ruling class has continuously consolidated and expanded their power base to achieve what they have today. And that is nearly unlimited power.

Government has grown into an insatiable monster intent on devouring nearly every scrap of fruit we are able to produce. Meanwhile, it has fenced us in and continues to move us into smaller and smaller pens like the cattle we have become. And there is no going back to some “better time”.

The second reason America cannot be made “great again” is we've screwed the pooch. Our nation has drifted from the constitutional republic our forefathers constructed. We are so far from a representative government, the path back to that place in now overgrown and no longer accessible. In other metaphors – we cannot put the genie back in the bottle.

Like I said – there is no reset button.

So where can we go from here? At the risk of sounding like a well-worn record – we are headed towards a place few of us really want. However we no longer have a choice. It is only a matter of time before this nation offers up our sovereignty to a global entity. The question is... what will that nation look like?

While I cannot say for sure, I suspect the globalists will take title to a severely broken nation. It will not be “our America”. Whether this is by their design or our resistance, I do not know. Will we adopt a “scorched earth” approach? Will they? While I can ascertain the ultimate goal of the globalists, I dare not look too deeply into the blackness of what they would call hearts. What I can say is from their own admissions, they desire to reduce the world population by some eighty percent. While I have seen no indication of their intent for the remainder, it's not hard to guess anyone left will either be ruler or slave. I have no desire to be either.

Pretty bleak, huh? For the world... yes. Yes it does look bleak. However, I am not of this world and I will not bow to the globalists. No matter what they think they are going to accomplish – they are mistaken.
As my previous post suggests, there is an underlying rot to this election as well as all that is happening in the world today. The adversary, the devil, is corrupting every mind he can and prevent as many people as possible from turning to our Heavenly Father and our Lord and Savior Jesus the Messiah. If you have not accepted Jesus Christ as your Savior, I urge you to reconsider. He gave His life to save us from the wrath that is to come. While there is no “reset” button to bring any of us or this nation to a previous time – there is a way to “reset” your life – cleanse yourself from sin and turn to the Creator of Heaven and Earth.

Romans 10:9 That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved.
10 For with the heart man believeth unto righteousness; and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation.

This “reset button” ushers in a new man as God creates His spirit within you and allows you to receive the gift of eternal life.

Ephesians 1:13 In whom ye also trusted, after that ye heard the word of truth, the gospel of your salvation: in whom also after that ye believed, ye were sealed with that holy Spirit of promise,
14 Which is the earnest [token] of our inheritance until the redemption of the purchased possession, unto the praise of his glory.

Romans 6:23 For the wages of sin is death; but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord.

If you have not already confessed Jesus as Lord and believe that God raised him from the dead – consider doing so now. If you have already, I urge you to speak the truth to all who will listen. This is the only resistance that matters.

Saturday, October 22, 2016

The Underlying Rot of this Election

Who wins this election doesn't matter in the long run. By now you are probably sick of hearing it, but it is one of the few real truths we can draw from this. Let's take a look at another ugly truth staring us in the face...

Nearly half of those who bother to vote will support Hillary Rodham Clinton. Even if the final tally is “only” forty percent – it should give us pause for thought. As I indicated before, we ARE at war. The “we” being those of us who side with the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ. The real war is spiritual and vies for the hearts and minds of the people of this nation and the world. From there stems the underlying rot of this election.

As a nation we are turning from God. Some would say we already have turned from God and I am hard-pressed to debate this. For decades, our hearts have turned away from God and toward the pleasures of this world. Do not think I am pointing fingers. I am no better than anyone here. I look upon my own life and find myself wishing for a reset button. But I am who and what I am and I have to live with it. Fortunately, God is gracious. He has His purposes and His ways. And I could not write this today if I had taken a different path. And before I allow myself to become to complacent – only God knows what I COULD be writing had I been more faithful. That said, it is what it is. God accepts me where I am and so must I accept myself.

This election is a vivid demonstration of a nation rejecting God. Look at who represents the ungodly: Bernie Sanders. Jill Stein. Hillary Rodham Clinton. I included Sanders because he would be running for the presidency if the Democratic playing field was leveled. As a dedicated Socialist, he represents the far left. Let's face it: he would embrace communism if he thought he could get away with it. Jill Stein is the “Green Party” candidate. For some reason people fail to correctly associate the Green Party with the Communists.

And then there is Hillary Rodham Clinton. Make no mistake – she is NOT a communist. She is a statist... a globalist. The primary goal of her kind is a world government. Open borders is the key to this concept. No borders equals no nationality and that translates to no sovereignty. This is the reason she wants to strip away our second amendment rights. While I'm convinced she is and always has been a money grubbing weasel, money is not her prime motivator here – power is. Power is what drives all the globalists. They will stop at nothing less than total control. And then they will fight each other for control of the globalists. Do not be fooled, there is not one “master plan” - at least not by any group of globalists. There are several groups vying for this prize. They are all motivated by the god of this world – the devil. He might have some overall “plan” but I doubt it. I think he prefers to play all ends against the middle. If liar is his first name, confusion is his middle name. By the way, I will not name him. All the globalists bow to him whether they realize it or not. HRC is, for now, content to be on the “winning team”. She has no idea what is to come. Few, if any, of them do.

The devil himself is the source of the rot of this nation and mankind. He has dedicated his being to destroying man while at the same time aching for man to worship him. In many cases he has succeeded. Often he at least manages to corrupt those to turn to God instead. II Timothy could well be describing the world today:

2 Timothy 3:2 For men shall be lovers of their own selves, covetous, boasters, proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, unholy,
3 Without natural affection, trucebreakers, false accusers, incontinent, fierce, despisers of those that are good,
4 Traitors, heady, highminded, lovers of pleasures more than lovers of God;

“Lovers of pleasures” is the phrase that caused me to think of this verse. Are we not like the Athenians on Mars Hill who did nothing but look for some new thing?

Acts 17:21 (For all the Athenians and strangers which were there spent their time in nothing else, but either to tell, or to hear some new thing.)

Yet another phrase from II Timothy jumps out at me: “despisers of those that are good”.

Clinton called half of who support her opponent as “deplorables”. She later qualified this saying she didn't mean “half”. She never offered her opinion on the rest, but I cannot imagine her thinking highly of that group either.

Today free speech is replaced by approved speech. The president himself proposed a “Ministry of Truth” so to speak – suggesting people should only access information approved by the government.

Chris Cuomo, son of former governor Mario Cuomo and brother of current NY governor Andrew Cuomo and a paid talking head for CNN stated “it's illegal to possess these stolen documents (emails) – it's okay for the media...”. So the bottom line according the elite Cuomo crowd is – let the grownups spoon feed what you need to know.

The elite despise the good, as do their minions, the rank and file. Keep in mind, by definition, the elite are above their own subjects and likewise despise them also, but not as openly.

Back to the point about the good being despised. While “the good” is not limited to Christians, I'll use this group as an example. Christians are no longer allowed to freely practice in this nation. Think about that. Christian bakers (I think there are at least TWO individual instances here.) cannot refuse to decorate a cake with images or words that blasphemy their beliefs. Christian churches are being told they must allow men and women (or men and little girls or women and little boys) to use the same bathrooms at the same time. Christians are singled out has being “intolerant” of other religions or beliefs if one dares to disagree with someone who believes differently. On the other hand, someone may kill or attempt to kill another while screaming “Allah Akbar!” while the press and government officials attach any religious significance to the matter.

While “the good” are despised, the entertainment industry promotes a smorgasbord of pleasures for our enjoyment. From shiny new cars to the latest cell phone to that new game app to the NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, NASCAR, and oh look at what the Kardashians are up to now! We can hardly wait to get up to turn on the TV, fire up the computer, access our cell phone or, if all else fails, turn on the car radio to get the latest gossip. And let's not forget Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and all the rest of our social media friends.

At some point the truth of all of this will hit you square in the forehead: the rot has infected our minds. This was always the purpose and the project is nearing completion. As a nation, we have nearly totally turned from God and have exported this brain-eating fungus to the rest of the world. Most of us could not discern truth from error if faced with raw and naked examples of both side by side.

This coming election will be decisive but, at best, the result may only be a bump in the road to the ultimate destination. And I'm not so sure about that at this point. Either way the underlying rot will continue no matter who is elected.

Saturday, October 15, 2016

War in the Air

War is a major factor in prophesy. Of course, this world has experienced war almost continuously since Jesus was resurrected. The last century saw two global wars. As mentioned before, each war moved the world closer to a global government. So it is reasonable to ascertain that a major world war is likely to usher in the final push towards a one-world government. Such a war may soon be upon us. Very soon.

One only has to observe the Far East and the Middle East to see red flags. No pun intended. Europe is also embroiled in conflict of a different kind with the Muslim invasion. If you have any comprehension at all of World War II, you'll see similarities abound. Multiple points of unrest and conflicts between major military and economic powers with some lesser players also flexing their muscles. To name a few, consider Russia, Syria, Iran, Qatar, North Korea, China, Pakistan and India. While this last, India does not appear aggressive, Pakistan recently issued a major threat to their neighbor, which boasts one of the largest standing armies in the world.

Today Russia issued a directive to bring students studying abroad home as soon as possible. Even if it means cutting short their education. One interpretation of this action is they are preparing for war. Their have been similar announcements by various governments in that region. Recently Germany warned citizens to stock up on emergency supplies and food. Commenting on the Russian recall, someone questioned whether they planned on striking before or after the election. While the comment was a bit tongue in cheek, it may not be as factious as one might think.

If a nation desired to enter into a war with the US, this time in our history offers certain advantages for potential foes. Our military is at the lowest levels personnel-wise in decades. While many who have served are battle-hardened, I expect many are also weary of war. I know I am and I have never seen battle. I am simply tired of hearing about it. Obama is weak-willed and a terrible strategist. He's surrounded himself with the best “yes-men” he could find. I'm not sure he can decide what club to use for a two-foot put much less how to best handle a real crisis.

On the other hand, acting before the election could push things the wrong way for an outcome favorable to our enemies. Strangely enough, the Russians seem to despise the Democrat, preferring Trump to the hag. I'm not sure I get that, One thought is, as much as I do not trust Russia's leadership, I do believe they respect strength. They enjoy a challenging game, even in war. Or maybe they are preparing for war should the bag win and will change their plans if Trump is victorious as they are confident they can work with him. For all I know, it could be the other way around. I simply cannot call it one way or another.

One thing seems obvious to me is waiting until the election is over at least offers an opponent the opportunity to eliminate one variable. For this reason, I'd say IF something was in the works, it will not happen until after November 8th. That said, the transitional period offers a window of opportunity. The old guard is moving out and the new guy is not at all established. Such disarray is low hanging fruit.

As a global government is inevitable, so is war. The question is not if but when. Other, more practiced analysts say Russia is not quite prepared and will not be until 2020 at the earliest. China also appears to fall short of any attack readiness. And I'm sure Iran prefers to continue to stockpile their nuclear capabilities. I am not so sure however as my perspective is merely peripheral. I have no in-depth knowledge – no inside information.

One scenario that seems too farfetched to consider is... What if Obama declared war on Russia? While all accounts seem to portray him as a spineless creature, he is also one of the most conniving, underhanded individuals I've ever seen operate. He's demonstrated zero compunction about looking in anyone's face and lying. He's shown no restraint in taking whatever means necessary to gain whatever ends he desires. And he cares not a whit about this nation. But that's not all...

Look at the actions of “our” government in the Syria theater. We've armed and abetted terrorist organizations in the region. This is not some offhand accusation but it comes from an interview with a Jihadist leader We cut off relations with Russia after a feeble attempt at a “cease fire” everyone knew would fail. We are bombing Syria as well as Iraq. Obama has just announced efforts to launch cyber-attacks against Russia – ostensibly in retaliation for similar actions attributed to Russia. Could not this be taken as a declaration of war? What if it is decided it is “just a cyber war”? Don't be fooled, attacks on our electronic infrastructure can be just as damaging if no more so than physical attacks. And there is no guarantee such attacks will not escalate.

Once again, I'll visit the idea that Obama will try to stay in office. Yes, my wife likes to remind me I had the same apprehension about Slick Willy. While this reminder does give me pause, things are different now. The current WH occupant has zero regard for the constitution. Could the push to elect HRC be due to the massive evidence that could and should legally prevent her from ever taking public office be a factor? Yes, I did just contend Obama has no regard for law BUT if it is in his interest to be able to “justify” his illegal actions then he would do so.

He has already announced his assessment that Trump is not qualified for the presidency. A clear case of the encrusted kettle calling the pot black. (Isn't that racist?) This was not some flippant remark – Obama as said this on several occasions, including international venues. One could see this as preparation for the possibility of Trump winning the election. Thus whoever wins he has set the stage for his own encore. And then there's that pesky war...

Well, not yet but think about it. Whoever wins the election is “unqualified” according to the current occupant. And even though I have no argument against HRC, it is no reason to allow Obama to install himself as dictator. Now soon after the election is decided, we could find ourselves at war with Russia/Syria/China/North Korea/Iran – pick one or more. All the more justification to have a “seasoned leader” remain in office to “guide” us through these perilous times.

Once again, this is not a prediction. It is simply an analysis of current events. Goodness knows there are enough scenarios out there to go around the world a few times. The fact is the events described above are not likely to happen as I've portrayed them. That said, war is coming. It must. Whether we see an economic collapse beforehand or not, I cannot tell at this juncture. Either way, we can expect shortages of food and other necessities. We can expect hard times. Compared to what is coming these ARE the “good old days.”

One more thing... as I mentioned before (or ad infinitum if you've read much of what I've written the past few months :-) all of this pertains to the end times and the Rapture and the Return of Jesus the Messiah. No matter how you view the prophecies and our part in them – (and yes, you are welcome to think they are hogwash but your opinion will prevent none of this from happening.) - the end result will be the same: a new heaven and earth with Jesus subject to God.

1 Corinthians 15:28 And when all things shall be subdued unto him, then shall the Son also himself be subject unto him that put all things under him, that God may be all in all.

Before this, a world government is prophesied, along with the Great Tribulation. Associated with all of this is wars and rumors of wars, earthquakes, floods, pestilences.

Matthew 24:6 And ye shall hear of wars and rumours of wars: see that ye be not troubled: for all these things must come to pass, but the end is not yet.
7 For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom: and there shall be famines, and pestilences, and earthquakes, in divers places.
8 All these are the beginning of sorrows.

Where are we during all of this? I cannot say for sure. I expect Jesus to come for His body – the Church - before the Great Tribulation, because I do believe His church will be raptured. Do not take this as any assurance that we will not see any tribulation or hard times. He could come today or not. Meanwhile, I believe it prudent to expect to stay awhile. I have no reason to expect to be spared from any and all troubles so I also think it prudent to be prepared for the worst. As the saying goes – it is always darkest before the dawn.

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Prepared for what?

Recently I answered a question on The Vulgar Curmudgeon's blog about what is coming. Of course nobody can answer this without the benefit of being a Prophet – by this I mean a true Prophet of the one true God rather than someone who fancies themselves as such. However everyone who posted feels “something” is coming but what?

Many encouraged all to prepare for that something. But what are we to prepare for?

Instead of trying to list events that could happen, let us consider the length of time we could be inconvenienced as a starting point.

In my own life, I've experienced four short-term periods where “normal” amenities were not available. Once we were without power for an extended period. The other three times we mostly had power. Each of those periods were about three days duration. One other time we were simply without power for a day or two so I suppose you could up the total to five times.

For the times above, my nature and that of those around me was such that we had little trouble making do. In the first instance, the one without power, I was a teenager so I had little control over that. We also lived in town and were actually under marital law. However we were not in danger of starving. I remember we had a couple of Guardsmen at our apartment for a beer.

The other times, while we had power, I do not think we would have had a huge problem if power was out. We might have had a big barbeque but other than that...

However a longer period would have proposed a much bigger problem. Let's call this a mid-term crisis. I won't go into the actual preparation for such. There are several resources to help you do this. One recent blog posted a well laid out plan. The series is not quite completed however, if you are not prepared at all I'm sure this will be complete by the time you are ready.

GeorgePatton325 – author of the blog above – suggests targeting 90 days as a goal. This seems reasonable to me for a number of reasons. Most important – beyond 90 days, what can we expect the nation to look like? I'd say somewhere between total chaos and a total police state.

If you've read elsewhere in this blog, you probably realize my main point of all of this is the world is headed for a global government. If you haven't already, read the first post of this blog for more information.

To that end, I can see no other way for a global government to be installed without our nation giving up our sovereignty. The push is already on for this in so many ways. Open borders, Agenda 21, the UN Small Arms Treaty, NAFTA, TPP. In addition, our God-given rights are eroded to the point of hanging by a thread. “Due Process”, once constitutionally guaranteed, is now subject to the whims of “authority”. We are no longer secure in our persons, homes, cars or anywhere else for that matter. Even our checking accounts are subject to seizure should some government “official” decide we “might” be terrorists.

In short – we are only a step or two away from losing ALL of our God-given rights and our nation's sovereignty. What would it take?

In my estimation, it would take a “Big Bang” of some sort. Some major event or catastrophe effecting the entire nation. Let's face it – 9/11 added a pile of nails to our coffin. The economic meltdown of 2008 weakened us economically. Other events since then have contributed. So far we are down but not out. While the current administration has systematically shredded much of our nation, and while we are certainly on a slow spiral towards total self-destruction, I believe it will take something shockingly massive to put our sovereignty up for grabs. A Big Bang.

How did I come to this conclusion? No, I won't bore you with a relation of the inner workings of my warped mind :-). Suffice to say, I projected the idea of a world government. Something like that would have to occur at one point in time. Pomp and circumstance and all that rot. So-called world “leaders” would need to gather around to sign over our lives to some global governing entity. And the United States of America would need to be represented. How else could they lay claim to a “world government”? The alternative is this nation has ceased to exist.

History teaches us that the forerunners of any future world government were the result of the two world wars of the last century. Thus we cannot rule out another world war. It seems a staunch possibility with each passing day. Once the world is weary from war, it is easy to see how a final push for “a lasting peace” could be successful.

A world-wide economic crisis is also possible. Governments all over the globe and financial institutions are precariously balanced on a cliff's edge. It would not take much for the cliff to crumble under such staggering weight sending the world's economy into the abyss. While it is a bit harder to imagine, keep in mind most people will give up most anything when they are hungry.

Other than these two scenarios – both quite possible – there is one more possibility worth mentioning here... the Rapture. If there is no world-government in place when Jesus comes for His own, then I can certainly see such an event sending the world into a tailspin and the population screaming for order. And it would be quite fitting. A “Big Bang” effectively ushering in the groundwork for the final act in this world. Even so I am not convinced things will play out this way.

Of all of these I find an economic crisis most problematic. Let's face it, I don't plan on being here after the Rapture and I am too old to go to war. Besides, a war would garner all the attention giving those of us on the sidelines somewhat of a pass. As I have two sons who would be directly affected, I do not in any way find this idea worth embracing.

However an economic crisis would likely bring riots, martial law and a heavy hammer upon us all. And this would bring us to a decision point: does one flee, fight or surrender?

While I described my three Big Bang ideas above as “events”, you no doubt will note that only the Rapture would be instantaneous. The other two would happen over time. However each “event” would bring about that decision point. It may be a call to turn in weapons, if you have any. It may be directing you to some sort of center for “processing” or “shelter”. Or you may just be required to register for services or food or for some other reason. However at some point someone will start taking names and you'll have to decide if you are going on their list or not. Don't be fooled, you are already on multiple “lists”. We all are. The one list I don't want to be on is the “next to be disposed of” list.

How will you live “after”?

If you heeded the advise to prepare for 90 days and the turmoil continues... what then? Somewhere along the line you will face that “decision point”.

Will you flee, fight or surrender? You don't have to make that decision now. I know I haven't because I am not sure what God would want for me in any given situation. But you should at least understand what your options are.

Would He want me to flee and witness to others in flight? Or would he want me to surrender and witness to others in prison? (or camp or whatever euphemism they want to use) As far as fighting is concerned, and I know this will disappoint many but, I'm not sure what I would fight for. While I would defend myself and my loved ones or other innocents, is there a point for me to take up arms for any other reason? Considering my own conclusions about where this world is headed, I would say no. This is a personal choice based on what I now know. My desire, now and always, is to do God's Will, though I do not do such as often as I should.

Keep in mind the inevitable end is a global government. I don't know about you but have no desire to live under tyranny. Even the tyranny we are subject to now is more than I want to bear. That said, I am under no illusions about regaining our nation. The fact is, in recent years I came to realize I've lived most of my life in some fantasy world I believed to be set in some ideal nation called “The United States of America” While the real nation I grew up in was certainly better than it is today – I can now see the seeds of our current decimation were sown long before I was born.

A truly free world will be established by Almighty God once this world is dissolved. We've seen the best that man can do – I lived in that nation. It falls far short of what will soon be available. The only reason I can see for sticking around this planet is to help the lost find their way to a truly blessed place.

To that end I aim to do whatever my Heavenly Father directs me, however He desires. My hope is I will not be alone in finding those who are lost. For this reason my first choice at this juncture would be to resist and remain free to speak the truth.

May our Heavenly Father and our Lord Jesus Christ keep you and bless you abundantly!

Monday, September 5, 2016


 The following is an answer to a post on "Disinformation". My reply fit in well enough with this blog, I am reposting it here.

The text of the post is this:

Fake news sites part of larger plan to trip up Republicans...

Yeah, try as I may to avoid these these things, I found myself caught up in one of these myself. A couple of months ago there was a post right here, I took for real. I even commented on it. While the news was "almost" too good to be true, I never checked it out... until yesterday.

After days of this stuff concerning Trump and Nieto I kept wondering why nobody brought this up. So I looked. Apparently it was a planted story. While this was not a "big gun" in my information arsenal, it was certainly worth a spot on the rack - until it was proven counterfeit - no firing pin.

Matt Bracken recently posted a short story (more like a forward-looking essay, IMO) with some salient points about the world we live in. Matt is an excellent writer however this story is more along the lines of "Atlas Shrugged" as far as readability is concerned, with a lot of complex gyrations to make his point.

What really hit home was this:

The horror was totally unimaginable even a week before the screens went dark and everything in our world went haywire. Unimaginable because the ubiquitous entertainment screens were perfect for one thing (and they kept this distinction right to the end): distracting the masses. Better than any mule’s blinkers, the pleasure screens both attracted the eyes and fed the mind happy messages. Whatever you wanted, they were serving it 24/7 on a thousand television channels and a million interactive websites. Pick your poison. Entertain yourself to death.

How many of us spend more time staring at some screen than actually DOING SOMETHING? I know I'm guilty as all get out. I don't watch much television at all and when I do it is mostly either a DVD or a short stint on the news. (Okay, so I've been watching a lot more news lately.)

Other than that, I write. Not that I write that much. But lately the prospect of the coming Rapture has claimed much of my spare time. Keep in mind, while I am absolutely certain we could be Raptured any day now - I understand this could also be years, even decades away. Meanwhile, the march towards a global government continues on. One way or another, I cannot see a one-world government coming together as long as the United States of America remains sovereign.

There is one word that covers all of this: distraction.

What is and what is not a distraction? Is Wiener's sexcapades distracting the media from Hillary's email (and thus campaign) woes? Or is the US Presidential campaign a smokescreen for what is really going on in the world? Who can we trust? WHAT can we trust?

Again, I submit the idea that in order to grasp what is really going on is take a peek from a spiritual perspective. While I cannot say how much time we have left until the final battle begins, we are indeed hurtling towards it while gaining speed exponentially. Everything, and I do mean EVERYTHING that does not pertain directly to this is a distraction. Even much of what does pertain to this distracts from what is important. What is "important"?

As far as I am concerned all that really matters is to hold forth the truth to anyone who will hear.

Saturday, August 27, 2016

What Will It Take to Establish a World Government?

So accepting the idea that the world will eventually see a singular government – how could that actually happen? Let’s face it – there will be a day when a group of people get together and announce that the world is now under such and such authority. The question is will this be a gradual process as the European Union or will it happen all at once?

The European Union was gradually established beginning in 1945 – directly following WWII. You may note this was also about the time the United Nations was established. In 1947, the “United European Movement” was established. While its purpose was not overt, it is easy to see the eventual unification of Europe was the goal. The organization credited with actually being the predecessor to the EU is the European Coal and Steel Community. Note this was an economic group – the goals revolved around money. It is credited with forwarding the concept of “supranationalism” – the idea of surrendering a nation’s sovereignty to an organization overseeing several nations. The actual formation of the EU was the result of the Maastricht Treaty of 1992 that formed the actual EU. Again, economics played a huge part – particularly the creation of the Euro currency.

For the rest of the world we have the United Nations as well as NAFTA (North America) and TTP (Asia & Pacific Nations). I included the multinational trade agreements because, as noted above, trade played a big part in the formation of the EU. No doubt we can expect more of the same. I’m sure there are others but these are the major ones directly affecting the US.

With this groundwork being laid, it is possible for some sort of EU event to happen globally but I just don’t see it at this point. One very big issue is our own US of A. Our sovereignty is not something many of us will give up easily, if at all. In addition we are armed and that fact causes great consternation among the elite. Is it any wonder that the globalists are pushing a gun control agenda?

So what would it take for our nation to submit to a world government?

For Europe it took a world war on their soil. Actually it took two world wars. After the first one – The League of Nations was formed and failed. The Second World War left a swath of devastation to encourage unity to rebuild.

Back on US soil, the globalists are fomenting a race war and a jihad simultaneously. If that is not enough, they are swarming the nation with illegal immigrants. This last may be the more effective technique. Not because, as is often supposed, we citizens are so adamantly opposed to intrusion that we will rise up in murderous protest. Again, look at Europe as an example. While they are literally overrun by immigrants who impose their own brand of “ethics” on all around them, they are still mostly tolerated. And yet they are decimating the economic systems of their host nations. The same is happening here. Simply put our nation is going broke trying to deal with the overload using a classic Cloward–Piven strategy.

Will this be enough? Probably not. Yes, eventually we would likely reach a breaking point but I sense the globalists are itching to speed the process up. Keep in mind these people are very VERY patient. They’ve been working on this project for over 100 years – maybe much longer. Their big boss – the devil himself… much longer. However we are now at the brink – the culmination of decades, if not centuries of persistent effort. Not to mention the current “top guys” in the globalist cabal are aging – they don’t have much time left. Human nature tells us they want to see real results before they die. So one way to “wrap things up” so to speak would be to create a massive economic crisis. This may have already been tried in 2008 with the insurance/bank failures. But I don’t think so. Why? Because all they had to do was let it all fall down. Instead they stole $800 Billion dollars from the nation and allowed us to limp along. Actually, the toll was much larger if you want to count all of those who lost houses due to falling markets and the massive hit our economy took – in many ways we are still recovering. I won’t count those who “lost” equity because much of that “equity” was inflated anyway.

However any economic crisis would have to be world-wide. While it is true that should the United States economy tank big time, it would have a major effect on the world economy, the next “crisis” would need to be truly devastating to bring about the desired results. Short of a total US collapse (a possibility growing stronger each day) some international economic crisis is more viable as it would bring immediate panic to the entire planet. Again, this is entirely feasible with the state of today’s global financial markets.

On a side note, the globalists ache for a one-world currency. This concept is also alluded to in prophecy. There is no overt prediction of this so I do not think one currency is necessary for a world government. However there IS some speculation about the need to replace the US dollar as the “leading US currency”. I am not sure how relevant this is but the dollar rules as currency because the US economy is the strongest and most stable in the world (as I see it). Both our strength and our stability are now questionable.

Another possibility is yet another major war. While this certainly may be considered an option by the players, I don’t think it will be considered seriously. Not yet. I base this evaluation on the premise that for a war to be a knockout blow for our country, said war would need to be fought on our soil. If they can instigate a race war or something similar then it may be possible. And they certainly are pushing this aspect. And, as mentioned above, certain factions are also pushing for a jihad – particularly with increasing terrorist attacks. However both of these forays may simply be attempts to gain further ground on trashing the constitution. Those wielding power are on a constant hunt for “legal” ways to usurp our God-given rights as guaranteed by the US Constitution.

And there are many speculations about the current POTUS simply refusing to leave office and suspending the constitution. I’ve harbored my own ideas about this but I cannot see this playing out. I’d say there is a better chance of him slithering into the UN Secretary General’s spot to position himself to “rule” the world. The simple fact is he is not a ruler. He is a figurehead. He bows to his masters as do the rest in the political arena. His masters, the globalists have his replacement ready to step in. If, for some reason her opponent surprises her, they will find a way to subdue him. That is, if he is not already under their thumb. Do not be surprised if this is the case. They are a sneaky bunch and I very much doubt he is incorruptible.

Finally there is a wild card here that is possible but nonetheless remains a wild card. The Rapture. Probably the most widely ready account of this speculation is in the “Left Behind” series by (the late) Tim LaHaye and Jerry B. Jenkins. The series begins with the Rapture. While I’ve read countless depictions of what this event might look like, they all agree on one thing – as soon as the Rapture occurs, the world is thrown into immediate chaos. You can imagine for yourself what would ensue should millions (billions?) of people around the world disappear instantly, while doing what they would normally do at the time.
Yes, it could certainly happen just like that.

In case you haven’t caught on, I like to ask questions that have no definitive answer. While I’d like to say my own musings on these topics is insightful, they are not meant to be predictive.

One thing I can nearly say for sure, things tend not to happen as we imagine they will. So what’s the use of all this speculation? To start with, while I’ll be the first to admit to being ignorant of the details of the future, it seems the overall direction should be obvious and undeniable for most reasonable people. And from there?

Well let’s see... if anything is for absolute certain it is this: nothing will remain as it is now. It never has, it never will. While the overall direction of where we are headed is fairly easy to see, the path is not at all clear. But there IS a path and there is no turning back.

While there is no telling for sure what path we will take, we can still note important markers on the way. We can look for signs to indicate where we are in relation to where we are headed. My own expectation is we will plod along as we are now. Many will take no notice of what’s going on around us. Sometimes our movement will seem glacially slow but this is only perception – like the watched pot that won’t boil. The reality is we are speeding towards a crucial point in human history. While today may seem to drag, everything can pivot on a single event. It may not be the final leap but it could be a major game changer such as 9/11.

Meanwhile, in answer to the question I first postulated – will a world government be the result of a gradual process or will it happen all at once – it will happen all at once but there will be a gradual process leading to that point in history. We will not all suddenly wake up one morning and decide “Let’s turn our lives over to a world government”. And while the globalist propagandists continue to work overtime to soften our hearts and minds to the concept, it will not happen without some sort of significant push.

May the God and Father of our Lord and Savior Jesus the Messiah bless you abundantly!

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

From Now Until Christ Returns…

Okay so I’ve concluded that the Return of Jesus Christ – or more accurately – the Rapture of the Church is imminent… now what?

As I said before, I do not know if Jesus will come for us today or 10,000+ days from now. While I could speculate from now until then or until I breathe my last earthly breath, should that occur first, or I can do something to make the best of whatever time I have left. Put that way, my choice seems obvious, but what should that something be?

Let’s put this in another light… let’s say scientists announced the earth will be hit with a meteor in 6 months. It will be catastrophic. We are all going to go “poof”. How would you spend your time? Consider this scenario for a few moments.

First I’ll point out some differences. In my scenario above, we would know about when the event would take place more or less. Also, the whole planet is involved. No doubt some effort would be made to save the leaders and other “important” people. Most likely not you and me. But there is another consideration.

The above describes an end. The Messiah gathering His Church is a beginning. A beginning for the faithful in Christ and the beginning of the final days for the earth as it is now. Big changes. More importantly, the Rapture perspective is spiritual.

Again, referring to previous posts, I cannot say when the Rapture will occur, I also cannot say what that means to the current age of grace or how those still on earth will be able to turn to God. In real terms this means that people whom you know who have not accepted Christ as of yet may not be able to then. And “then” could be any time – even before you finish reading this sentence.

Ask yourself – if Christ came today, what really matters? Or maybe that question should be “who” really matters? The fact is, the “who” is not now or ever our choice to make. Right now one of my least favorite people on earth is running to lead this nation. Would I refuse to speak the truth to this person if offered the opportunity? I can tell you, I would be about as willing as Jonah but I believe I would step up to the task anyway. 

My point is two-fold. First, when Christ comes for us, we ain’t takin’ nothin’ with us – so there is nothing on this earth that is worth fussing over. Only those who are saved will be going on up so don’tcha think we should make it a priority to take as many as we can with us?

At one time, someone postulated that when the last person who would accept Christ did so, that is when Christ would return. Accurate or not, wouldn’t it be wonderful to be taken up with someone you just led to our Lord Jesus? I cannot think of a greater joy.

Let’s face it, turning back to the meteor concept for a moment, I can picture plenty of people quitting work and getting as much partying in as they can before the rock hits. And I’ve seen and heard stories of Christians deciding the Rapture would happen on such and such date, then doing pretty much the same thing. Big mistake. Another mistake would be to drop everything and set up on a street corner heralding Christ’s return.

Look, we can surmise the end really IS near… for us anyway. But allowing this to “take over” our lives would be counterproductive at best. At worst, it would confirm in the hearts of many that we are all simply nuts. Who needs that?

A better approach is to stay aware of what is happening around us. One thing can be said about these days is we have no lack of current events to talk about! Now consider these events in light of the movement towards globalization. Just about everything in the news today can relate to this. The push is on. 

While there are a lot of people who refuse to accept God or Christ or the idea of a rapture, these same people will readily accept – and possibly even welcome – the concept of a world government. And whether anyone wants to admit it or not – both the Rapture and Christ’s Return was prophesied centuries ago. The Second Coming directly connects to a global government. Please note that connecting the Rapture of the church to a one-world government is somewhat more complex. Could this be because the Rapture will occur beforehand? 

The thing is no one needs to get into any in-depth theological argument here. Once one accepts the inevitability of a one-world government, it should be easy to accept the fact the prophecies existed. At this point, I’ll suggest you simply let people make the connection themselves. If they want to know more, they will ask. Meanwhile, you can continue to point out the many ways the globalists are pushing their agenda. You need not be alarmist about it at all – strangely enough – you need not even oppose it as you know what the end result will be!

So what is in the news that relates to globalization? Let’s see: open borders, diversity, terrorism, war, gun control, economics, global warming, lgbt, 

Try to picture everything you do as the last thing before we are raptured. Every time you come in contact with someone may be the last time. It is possible! You are talking to someone about Jesus coming back and… well, there He is! It could very well happen just like that. As a matter of fact it will happen like that to some of us. And what if it doesn’t?

Well, gee, let’s see. I decide I’m going to live the rest of my life as if Jesus could rapture me at any moment. I eagerly anticipate this for the rest of my waking life. All my actions and words reflect this pervading concept. The hope of the return is ever present. I reflect on that joyful moment many times each day. Every situation I find myself in I see in light of Jesus’ imminent return. Every person I meet I look for some way to bless them. Maybe they’ll want more, maybe not but I’ll try to leave them with a reason want what I’ve got. If I am mistaken or if I am just not to be awake when Jesus does come… what have I lost? From my perspective, I can only gain.

May the God and Father of our Lord and Savior Jesus the Messiah bless you abundantly!