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What Will It Take to Establish a World Government?

So accepting the idea that the world will eventually see a singular government – how could that actually happen? Let’s face it – there will be a day when a group of people get together and announce that the world is now under such and such authority. The question is will this be a gradual process as the European Union or will it happen all at once?

The European Union was gradually established beginning in 1945 – directly following WWII. You may note this was also about the time the United Nations was established. In 1947, the “United European Movement” was established. While its purpose was not overt, it is easy to see the eventual unification of Europe was the goal. The organization credited with actually being the predecessor to the EU is the European Coal and Steel Community. Note this was an economic group – the goals revolved around money. It is credited with forwarding the concept of “supranationalism” – the idea of surrendering a nation’s sovereignty to an organization overseeing several nations. The actual formation of the EU was the result of the Maastricht Treaty of 1992 that formed the actual EU. Again, economics played a huge part – particularly the creation of the Euro currency.

For the rest of the world we have the United Nations as well as NAFTA (North America) and TTP (Asia & Pacific Nations). I included the multinational trade agreements because, as noted above, trade played a big part in the formation of the EU. No doubt we can expect more of the same. I’m sure there are others but these are the major ones directly affecting the US.

With this groundwork being laid, it is possible for some sort of EU event to happen globally but I just don’t see it at this point. One very big issue is our own US of A. Our sovereignty is not something many of us will give up easily, if at all. In addition we are armed and that fact causes great consternation among the elite. Is it any wonder that the globalists are pushing a gun control agenda?

So what would it take for our nation to submit to a world government?

For Europe it took a world war on their soil. Actually it took two world wars. After the first one – The League of Nations was formed and failed. The Second World War left a swath of devastation to encourage unity to rebuild.

Back on US soil, the globalists are fomenting a race war and a jihad simultaneously. If that is not enough, they are swarming the nation with illegal immigrants. This last may be the more effective technique. Not because, as is often supposed, we citizens are so adamantly opposed to intrusion that we will rise up in murderous protest. Again, look at Europe as an example. While they are literally overrun by immigrants who impose their own brand of “ethics” on all around them, they are still mostly tolerated. And yet they are decimating the economic systems of their host nations. The same is happening here. Simply put our nation is going broke trying to deal with the overload using a classic Cloward–Piven strategy.

Will this be enough? Probably not. Yes, eventually we would likely reach a breaking point but I sense the globalists are itching to speed the process up. Keep in mind these people are very VERY patient. They’ve been working on this project for over 100 years – maybe much longer. Their big boss – the devil himself… much longer. However we are now at the brink – the culmination of decades, if not centuries of persistent effort. Not to mention the current “top guys” in the globalist cabal are aging – they don’t have much time left. Human nature tells us they want to see real results before they die. So one way to “wrap things up” so to speak would be to create a massive economic crisis. This may have already been tried in 2008 with the insurance/bank failures. But I don’t think so. Why? Because all they had to do was let it all fall down. Instead they stole $800 Billion dollars from the nation and allowed us to limp along. Actually, the toll was much larger if you want to count all of those who lost houses due to falling markets and the massive hit our economy took – in many ways we are still recovering. I won’t count those who “lost” equity because much of that “equity” was inflated anyway.

However any economic crisis would have to be world-wide. While it is true that should the United States economy tank big time, it would have a major effect on the world economy, the next “crisis” would need to be truly devastating to bring about the desired results. Short of a total US collapse (a possibility growing stronger each day) some international economic crisis is more viable as it would bring immediate panic to the entire planet. Again, this is entirely feasible with the state of today’s global financial markets.

On a side note, the globalists ache for a one-world currency. This concept is also alluded to in prophecy. There is no overt prediction of this so I do not think one currency is necessary for a world government. However there IS some speculation about the need to replace the US dollar as the “leading US currency”. I am not sure how relevant this is but the dollar rules as currency because the US economy is the strongest and most stable in the world (as I see it). Both our strength and our stability are now questionable.

Another possibility is yet another major war. While this certainly may be considered an option by the players, I don’t think it will be considered seriously. Not yet. I base this evaluation on the premise that for a war to be a knockout blow for our country, said war would need to be fought on our soil. If they can instigate a race war or something similar then it may be possible. And they certainly are pushing this aspect. And, as mentioned above, certain factions are also pushing for a jihad – particularly with increasing terrorist attacks. However both of these forays may simply be attempts to gain further ground on trashing the constitution. Those wielding power are on a constant hunt for “legal” ways to usurp our God-given rights as guaranteed by the US Constitution.

And there are many speculations about the current POTUS simply refusing to leave office and suspending the constitution. I’ve harbored my own ideas about this but I cannot see this playing out. I’d say there is a better chance of him slithering into the UN Secretary General’s spot to position himself to “rule” the world. The simple fact is he is not a ruler. He is a figurehead. He bows to his masters as do the rest in the political arena. His masters, the globalists have his replacement ready to step in. If, for some reason her opponent surprises her, they will find a way to subdue him. That is, if he is not already under their thumb. Do not be surprised if this is the case. They are a sneaky bunch and I very much doubt he is incorruptible.

Finally there is a wild card here that is possible but nonetheless remains a wild card. The Rapture. Probably the most widely ready account of this speculation is in the “Left Behind” series by (the late) Tim LaHaye and Jerry B. Jenkins. The series begins with the Rapture. While I’ve read countless depictions of what this event might look like, they all agree on one thing – as soon as the Rapture occurs, the world is thrown into immediate chaos. You can imagine for yourself what would ensue should millions (billions?) of people around the world disappear instantly, while doing what they would normally do at the time.
Yes, it could certainly happen just like that.

In case you haven’t caught on, I like to ask questions that have no definitive answer. While I’d like to say my own musings on these topics is insightful, they are not meant to be predictive.

One thing I can nearly say for sure, things tend not to happen as we imagine they will. So what’s the use of all this speculation? To start with, while I’ll be the first to admit to being ignorant of the details of the future, it seems the overall direction should be obvious and undeniable for most reasonable people. And from there?

Well let’s see... if anything is for absolute certain it is this: nothing will remain as it is now. It never has, it never will. While the overall direction of where we are headed is fairly easy to see, the path is not at all clear. But there IS a path and there is no turning back.

While there is no telling for sure what path we will take, we can still note important markers on the way. We can look for signs to indicate where we are in relation to where we are headed. My own expectation is we will plod along as we are now. Many will take no notice of what’s going on around us. Sometimes our movement will seem glacially slow but this is only perception – like the watched pot that won’t boil. The reality is we are speeding towards a crucial point in human history. While today may seem to drag, everything can pivot on a single event. It may not be the final leap but it could be a major game changer such as 9/11.

Meanwhile, in answer to the question I first postulated – will a world government be the result of a gradual process or will it happen all at once – it will happen all at once but there will be a gradual process leading to that point in history. We will not all suddenly wake up one morning and decide “Let’s turn our lives over to a world government”. And while the globalist propagandists continue to work overtime to soften our hearts and minds to the concept, it will not happen without some sort of significant push.

May the God and Father of our Lord and Savior Jesus the Messiah bless you abundantly!

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