Monday, September 5, 2016


 The following is an answer to a post on "Disinformation". My reply fit in well enough with this blog, I am reposting it here.

The text of the post is this:

Fake news sites part of larger plan to trip up Republicans...

Yeah, try as I may to avoid these these things, I found myself caught up in one of these myself. A couple of months ago there was a post right here, I took for real. I even commented on it. While the news was "almost" too good to be true, I never checked it out... until yesterday.

After days of this stuff concerning Trump and Nieto I kept wondering why nobody brought this up. So I looked. Apparently it was a planted story. While this was not a "big gun" in my information arsenal, it was certainly worth a spot on the rack - until it was proven counterfeit - no firing pin.

Matt Bracken recently posted a short story (more like a forward-looking essay, IMO) with some salient points about the world we live in. Matt is an excellent writer however this story is more along the lines of "Atlas Shrugged" as far as readability is concerned, with a lot of complex gyrations to make his point.

What really hit home was this:

The horror was totally unimaginable even a week before the screens went dark and everything in our world went haywire. Unimaginable because the ubiquitous entertainment screens were perfect for one thing (and they kept this distinction right to the end): distracting the masses. Better than any mule’s blinkers, the pleasure screens both attracted the eyes and fed the mind happy messages. Whatever you wanted, they were serving it 24/7 on a thousand television channels and a million interactive websites. Pick your poison. Entertain yourself to death.

How many of us spend more time staring at some screen than actually DOING SOMETHING? I know I'm guilty as all get out. I don't watch much television at all and when I do it is mostly either a DVD or a short stint on the news. (Okay, so I've been watching a lot more news lately.)

Other than that, I write. Not that I write that much. But lately the prospect of the coming Rapture has claimed much of my spare time. Keep in mind, while I am absolutely certain we could be Raptured any day now - I understand this could also be years, even decades away. Meanwhile, the march towards a global government continues on. One way or another, I cannot see a one-world government coming together as long as the United States of America remains sovereign.

There is one word that covers all of this: distraction.

What is and what is not a distraction? Is Wiener's sexcapades distracting the media from Hillary's email (and thus campaign) woes? Or is the US Presidential campaign a smokescreen for what is really going on in the world? Who can we trust? WHAT can we trust?

Again, I submit the idea that in order to grasp what is really going on is take a peek from a spiritual perspective. While I cannot say how much time we have left until the final battle begins, we are indeed hurtling towards it while gaining speed exponentially. Everything, and I do mean EVERYTHING that does not pertain directly to this is a distraction. Even much of what does pertain to this distracts from what is important. What is "important"?

As far as I am concerned all that really matters is to hold forth the truth to anyone who will hear.

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