Sunday, September 18, 2016

Prepared for what?

Recently I answered a question on The Vulgar Curmudgeon's blog about what is coming. Of course nobody can answer this without the benefit of being a Prophet – by this I mean a true Prophet of the one true God rather than someone who fancies themselves as such. However everyone who posted feels “something” is coming but what?

Many encouraged all to prepare for that something. But what are we to prepare for?

Instead of trying to list events that could happen, let us consider the length of time we could be inconvenienced as a starting point.

In my own life, I've experienced four short-term periods where “normal” amenities were not available. Once we were without power for an extended period. The other three times we mostly had power. Each of those periods were about three days duration. One other time we were simply without power for a day or two so I suppose you could up the total to five times.

For the times above, my nature and that of those around me was such that we had little trouble making do. In the first instance, the one without power, I was a teenager so I had little control over that. We also lived in town and were actually under marital law. However we were not in danger of starving. I remember we had a couple of Guardsmen at our apartment for a beer.

The other times, while we had power, I do not think we would have had a huge problem if power was out. We might have had a big barbeque but other than that...

However a longer period would have proposed a much bigger problem. Let's call this a mid-term crisis. I won't go into the actual preparation for such. There are several resources to help you do this. One recent blog posted a well laid out plan. The series is not quite completed however, if you are not prepared at all I'm sure this will be complete by the time you are ready.

GeorgePatton325 – author of the blog above – suggests targeting 90 days as a goal. This seems reasonable to me for a number of reasons. Most important – beyond 90 days, what can we expect the nation to look like? I'd say somewhere between total chaos and a total police state.

If you've read elsewhere in this blog, you probably realize my main point of all of this is the world is headed for a global government. If you haven't already, read the first post of this blog for more information.

To that end, I can see no other way for a global government to be installed without our nation giving up our sovereignty. The push is already on for this in so many ways. Open borders, Agenda 21, the UN Small Arms Treaty, NAFTA, TPP. In addition, our God-given rights are eroded to the point of hanging by a thread. “Due Process”, once constitutionally guaranteed, is now subject to the whims of “authority”. We are no longer secure in our persons, homes, cars or anywhere else for that matter. Even our checking accounts are subject to seizure should some government “official” decide we “might” be terrorists.

In short – we are only a step or two away from losing ALL of our God-given rights and our nation's sovereignty. What would it take?

In my estimation, it would take a “Big Bang” of some sort. Some major event or catastrophe effecting the entire nation. Let's face it – 9/11 added a pile of nails to our coffin. The economic meltdown of 2008 weakened us economically. Other events since then have contributed. So far we are down but not out. While the current administration has systematically shredded much of our nation, and while we are certainly on a slow spiral towards total self-destruction, I believe it will take something shockingly massive to put our sovereignty up for grabs. A Big Bang.

How did I come to this conclusion? No, I won't bore you with a relation of the inner workings of my warped mind :-). Suffice to say, I projected the idea of a world government. Something like that would have to occur at one point in time. Pomp and circumstance and all that rot. So-called world “leaders” would need to gather around to sign over our lives to some global governing entity. And the United States of America would need to be represented. How else could they lay claim to a “world government”? The alternative is this nation has ceased to exist.

History teaches us that the forerunners of any future world government were the result of the two world wars of the last century. Thus we cannot rule out another world war. It seems a staunch possibility with each passing day. Once the world is weary from war, it is easy to see how a final push for “a lasting peace” could be successful.

A world-wide economic crisis is also possible. Governments all over the globe and financial institutions are precariously balanced on a cliff's edge. It would not take much for the cliff to crumble under such staggering weight sending the world's economy into the abyss. While it is a bit harder to imagine, keep in mind most people will give up most anything when they are hungry.

Other than these two scenarios – both quite possible – there is one more possibility worth mentioning here... the Rapture. If there is no world-government in place when Jesus comes for His own, then I can certainly see such an event sending the world into a tailspin and the population screaming for order. And it would be quite fitting. A “Big Bang” effectively ushering in the groundwork for the final act in this world. Even so I am not convinced things will play out this way.

Of all of these I find an economic crisis most problematic. Let's face it, I don't plan on being here after the Rapture and I am too old to go to war. Besides, a war would garner all the attention giving those of us on the sidelines somewhat of a pass. As I have two sons who would be directly affected, I do not in any way find this idea worth embracing.

However an economic crisis would likely bring riots, martial law and a heavy hammer upon us all. And this would bring us to a decision point: does one flee, fight or surrender?

While I described my three Big Bang ideas above as “events”, you no doubt will note that only the Rapture would be instantaneous. The other two would happen over time. However each “event” would bring about that decision point. It may be a call to turn in weapons, if you have any. It may be directing you to some sort of center for “processing” or “shelter”. Or you may just be required to register for services or food or for some other reason. However at some point someone will start taking names and you'll have to decide if you are going on their list or not. Don't be fooled, you are already on multiple “lists”. We all are. The one list I don't want to be on is the “next to be disposed of” list.

How will you live “after”?

If you heeded the advise to prepare for 90 days and the turmoil continues... what then? Somewhere along the line you will face that “decision point”.

Will you flee, fight or surrender? You don't have to make that decision now. I know I haven't because I am not sure what God would want for me in any given situation. But you should at least understand what your options are.

Would He want me to flee and witness to others in flight? Or would he want me to surrender and witness to others in prison? (or camp or whatever euphemism they want to use) As far as fighting is concerned, and I know this will disappoint many but, I'm not sure what I would fight for. While I would defend myself and my loved ones or other innocents, is there a point for me to take up arms for any other reason? Considering my own conclusions about where this world is headed, I would say no. This is a personal choice based on what I now know. My desire, now and always, is to do God's Will, though I do not do such as often as I should.

Keep in mind the inevitable end is a global government. I don't know about you but have no desire to live under tyranny. Even the tyranny we are subject to now is more than I want to bear. That said, I am under no illusions about regaining our nation. The fact is, in recent years I came to realize I've lived most of my life in some fantasy world I believed to be set in some ideal nation called “The United States of America” While the real nation I grew up in was certainly better than it is today – I can now see the seeds of our current decimation were sown long before I was born.

A truly free world will be established by Almighty God once this world is dissolved. We've seen the best that man can do – I lived in that nation. It falls far short of what will soon be available. The only reason I can see for sticking around this planet is to help the lost find their way to a truly blessed place.

To that end I aim to do whatever my Heavenly Father directs me, however He desires. My hope is I will not be alone in finding those who are lost. For this reason my first choice at this juncture would be to resist and remain free to speak the truth.

May our Heavenly Father and our Lord Jesus Christ keep you and bless you abundantly!

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