Tuesday, August 23, 2016

From Now Until Christ Returns…

Okay so I’ve concluded that the Return of Jesus Christ – or more accurately – the Rapture of the Church is imminent… now what?

As I said before, I do not know if Jesus will come for us today or 10,000+ days from now. While I could speculate from now until then or until I breathe my last earthly breath, should that occur first, or I can do something to make the best of whatever time I have left. Put that way, my choice seems obvious, but what should that something be?

Let’s put this in another light… let’s say scientists announced the earth will be hit with a meteor in 6 months. It will be catastrophic. We are all going to go “poof”. How would you spend your time? Consider this scenario for a few moments.

First I’ll point out some differences. In my scenario above, we would know about when the event would take place more or less. Also, the whole planet is involved. No doubt some effort would be made to save the leaders and other “important” people. Most likely not you and me. But there is another consideration.

The above describes an end. The Messiah gathering His Church is a beginning. A beginning for the faithful in Christ and the beginning of the final days for the earth as it is now. Big changes. More importantly, the Rapture perspective is spiritual.

Again, referring to previous posts, I cannot say when the Rapture will occur, I also cannot say what that means to the current age of grace or how those still on earth will be able to turn to God. In real terms this means that people whom you know who have not accepted Christ as of yet may not be able to then. And “then” could be any time – even before you finish reading this sentence.

Ask yourself – if Christ came today, what really matters? Or maybe that question should be “who” really matters? The fact is, the “who” is not now or ever our choice to make. Right now one of my least favorite people on earth is running to lead this nation. Would I refuse to speak the truth to this person if offered the opportunity? I can tell you, I would be about as willing as Jonah but I believe I would step up to the task anyway. 

My point is two-fold. First, when Christ comes for us, we ain’t takin’ nothin’ with us – so there is nothing on this earth that is worth fussing over. Only those who are saved will be going on up so don’tcha think we should make it a priority to take as many as we can with us?

At one time, someone postulated that when the last person who would accept Christ did so, that is when Christ would return. Accurate or not, wouldn’t it be wonderful to be taken up with someone you just led to our Lord Jesus? I cannot think of a greater joy.

Let’s face it, turning back to the meteor concept for a moment, I can picture plenty of people quitting work and getting as much partying in as they can before the rock hits. And I’ve seen and heard stories of Christians deciding the Rapture would happen on such and such date, then doing pretty much the same thing. Big mistake. Another mistake would be to drop everything and set up on a street corner heralding Christ’s return.

Look, we can surmise the end really IS near… for us anyway. But allowing this to “take over” our lives would be counterproductive at best. At worst, it would confirm in the hearts of many that we are all simply nuts. Who needs that?

A better approach is to stay aware of what is happening around us. One thing can be said about these days is we have no lack of current events to talk about! Now consider these events in light of the movement towards globalization. Just about everything in the news today can relate to this. The push is on. 

While there are a lot of people who refuse to accept God or Christ or the idea of a rapture, these same people will readily accept – and possibly even welcome – the concept of a world government. And whether anyone wants to admit it or not – both the Rapture and Christ’s Return was prophesied centuries ago. The Second Coming directly connects to a global government. Please note that connecting the Rapture of the church to a one-world government is somewhat more complex. Could this be because the Rapture will occur beforehand? 

The thing is no one needs to get into any in-depth theological argument here. Once one accepts the inevitability of a one-world government, it should be easy to accept the fact the prophecies existed. At this point, I’ll suggest you simply let people make the connection themselves. If they want to know more, they will ask. Meanwhile, you can continue to point out the many ways the globalists are pushing their agenda. You need not be alarmist about it at all – strangely enough – you need not even oppose it as you know what the end result will be!

So what is in the news that relates to globalization? Let’s see: open borders, diversity, terrorism, war, gun control, economics, global warming, lgbt, 

Try to picture everything you do as the last thing before we are raptured. Every time you come in contact with someone may be the last time. It is possible! You are talking to someone about Jesus coming back and… well, there He is! It could very well happen just like that. As a matter of fact it will happen like that to some of us. And what if it doesn’t?

Well, gee, let’s see. I decide I’m going to live the rest of my life as if Jesus could rapture me at any moment. I eagerly anticipate this for the rest of my waking life. All my actions and words reflect this pervading concept. The hope of the return is ever present. I reflect on that joyful moment many times each day. Every situation I find myself in I see in light of Jesus’ imminent return. Every person I meet I look for some way to bless them. Maybe they’ll want more, maybe not but I’ll try to leave them with a reason want what I’ve got. If I am mistaken or if I am just not to be awake when Jesus does come… what have I lost? From my perspective, I can only gain.

May the God and Father of our Lord and Savior Jesus the Messiah bless you abundantly!

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