Saturday, July 16, 2016

My Grave Error

Previously I wrote of the inevitability of a world government. I made a case for this happening sooner than later. Also, I indicated my personal belief that Jesus Christ would come back for His Church before this world government came to fruition. So far so good. Where did I err?

In that treatise, I included a letter for those who had not accepted Christ – with instructions on how to do so at that time. The problem is, I have no evidence to present that it will be available to accept Christ at that time – at least not as is available now. In other words... it may be too late for Grace. The fact is I do not know, nor has my extensive search for answers produced anything.

Here is what I know for sure: we now live in what is known as “The Age of Grace”, sometimes referred to as the “Administration (or Dispensation) of Grace”. Please note my understanding includes acceptance of the idea that there are seven scriptural “administrations” in the bible. E. W. Bullinger was a biblical scholar well known for researching and detailing this. While there are a few points where I believe he was mistaken, his enormous body of work was based on principles I heartily agree with. Mainly that our Heavenly Father is perfect and the word He gave us was perfect. That this Word interprets itself and our duty is to rightly divide it. (II Peter 3:16, II Timothy 2:16).

These seven administrations are:

  1. The edonic state of innocence (Adam and Eve in the Garden)
  2. The period without law – (the time of ignorance – before Moses)
  3. The era under the law (Moses to Jesus first coming...)
  4. The period of grace (Now)
  5. The epoch of judgment (Revelation)
  6. The millennial age (After the Day of Christ)
  7. The eternal state of glory

The periods described in parenthesis are to the best of my understanding to help those to whom this is all new may more easily see it. As far as an exact beginning and end, it is not always easy to see. Surely it is obvious that when Adam and Eve were kicked out of the Garden the rules had changed. What is not so obvious is there seems to be some overlap between the law and grace periods.

Even in this period of grace, I certainly cannot point out who has accepted Christ and who is merely mouthing the words – though I have met many who claim Christ whom I wonder whether Christ will claim. How can I then determine who in other ages will accepted of God? I cannot.

In all things relating to spiritual matters there is dissent. Why? The adversary – the antichrist is among us and thrives on spreading confusion. I have not found a single person whom I can say offers the whole truth without error. And this means I am likely to be wrong in some things also. While I strive for truth, my own understanding is incomplete. Please bear this in mind and pray for discernment.

That said, some contend we no longer live in the age of grace. I am confident we DO still live in the Age of Grace. What I do NOT know is when this period will end and what will be available afterward. Some say salvation will again be according to works. While there is some evidence in this in Revelation, I don't see a lot of room for Gentiles.

Thus if you are reading this I urge you to accept Christ NOW as you Lord and Savior. Do not delay. If, for some reason you still do not believe but you are wavering – pray about that. Seek God out. Ask for peace. Ask for guidance.This is not something that can wait.

God bless

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