Monday, January 9, 2017

The Media Circus – Send in the Clowns

For the record – I can't stand the song “Send in the Clowns” but the phrase is too appropriate here to ignore. - Towser

As the “fake news/hacking” chaos hits hysterical heights – those of us simply watching the parade are left to wonder what it is all about. It seems we are supposed to just “trust the experts” that Russia was involved and they tried to influence the presidential elections so voters would favor Trump over Clinton. Now that Trump has been “briefed” his position, at this point, seems to be that while the Russians did not influence the outcome, we must try to prevent future hacks. Here's what I can tell you right here, right now that will make instant sense to you:

None of these idiots know what they are talking about.

At least nobody I have heard. Certainly there are a few experts speaking intelligently about certain slivers of this pie but overall it is mass confusion. And this is exactly what those controlling the media are trying to accomplish. And that is why they sent in the clowns. Some of you might be thinking my point here is all fine and good but can I PROVE anything? Well, yes, yes I can. All we need to do is look at what the media clowns are saying and consider what they are NOT saying.

First, what is the media actually saying? This is your first clue. Taken as a group, they are not all that coherent. Compare this topic to, say, the recent airport shooting in Florida. Turn to any station and you will here essentially the same story. Yes, every outlet will color the story in their unique way. Some details may be offered on some and not on others. But the basis of what happened is reasonably consistent across the board. And now about those Russians. They are mostly all saying the Russians hacked the DNC and Posdesta and they “tried to influence” the election using “fake news” and “propaganda”. Again, depending on where you look, you'll pick up some fine points here or there but what I've outlined here covers the gist of things thus far. Notice anything missing right off the bat?

There is no “story”. Look all you want. There are accusations. There are “facts” i.e. the DNC and Posdesta email account WAS hacked but there is no account whatsoever detailing what actually happened. Now the “Intelligence Community” is hiding behind their cloak of secrecy by saying they cannot tell us how they know what they know or how they know it lest they reveal their methods to the enemy. You know what? I understand that much. I don't much care about the methods – the “how”. All I want to know is the “what”. And this is where the whole circus act falls apart.

You see, something dawned on me while I was watching one “news” segment or another. WHAT FAKE NEWS? (Okay, sure call me slow why don't ya?) Or should I say WHICH fake news? Can someone please tell me, show me, or clue me in on EXACTLY what “FAKE NEWS STORIES” the Russians used to influence the elections? Surely our friends in “intelligence” can tell us that much... can't they? I wonder if the problem is that if they start detailing the “fake news” the Russians released, they might have to distinguish this from the fake news put out by the CIA, FBI, ATF, NSA, the Labor Department, the Department of Commerce, the White House, the New York Times, Washington Post, CNN, MSNBC, etc. and so on. It might be easier to just give us a list of the real news stories out there... if there are any to be found. Could there be propaganda invented by the Russians to try to influence the elections? Of course it is possible, maybe even likely but where is it? Unless you are blind you can easily see that there are so many false and misleading “news stories” put out EVERY DAY one needs a score card to determine who the players are and what positions they are playing at the moment. And then there are the documented false flag operations, the propaganda campaigns and the pure fantasy “facts and figures” produced by our own government and others. The Russians? Seriously? Their propaganda machine is nothing compared to our own.

Enter the drama queen. Obama acts the drama queen standing at his podium and whining about the Russians attempting to influence our elections. Did anyone dare ask him about confirmed reports the he tried to influence the Israeli elections? What about Hillary's efforts to out Libyan president Muammar Gaddafi? Or Obama's openly supporting Egyptian elections or his attempts to out Syria's Bashar al-Assad? The list goes on and on. Hacking? Did the Obama censure the CIA for spying on the United States Senate? Not only was this a blatant attack on one branch of government by another but the CIA is forbidden from operating on US soil – PERIOD. Obama had complete control over this situation and yet he remained mum. How can anyone take this guy seriously? And yet 99% of the media reports every word that emits from his lying lips as if it was an oracle from God Himself. And the masses lap up this drivel. Amazing.

Now for the second act – hacking and cybersecurity. It must be time for the stand-up comedians.

Let's look at Podesta first. While the access gained to Podesta's email account technically could have pulled off by a 14 year-old, s/he would have likely have been an exceptional teenager. However Assange's statement does make a point about the world of “hacking”. Please note my own background in this world is I read a book or two years ago, one non-fiction and maybe a few other fictional stories with hacking themes or extensive allusions. Nothing I read could be considered a “how to” so my actual knowledge is minimal. With that disclaimer I have been a victim of hacking and I've had some exposure to computer security due to my involvement in the computer industry. I can tell you there are people out there – some referred to as “script kiddies” that actively try to access web sites and email accounts. The “script kiddies” refers not so much to age as abilities, however most involved in this sort of activity seem to be younger people looking for tickles and grins. They seek out or stumble across hacking sites and download all sorts of malware designed to cause trouble. They are not programmers, or at least they are not often learned enough to write these programs but they can and do download and run them. It is not all that hard. (I know because I download and run non-harmful scripts for sights I operated – the principles are the same only the intent and outcome differs.) Thus it would not be all that difficult to set up a page to capture passwords and send a link to just about anyone. Does this mean the Russians did not pull such a stunt on John Podesta? No. But it does widen the playing field significantly. But the worst news is this: all the cyberscurity in the world will not prevent such an attempt if the guy with the password is clueless. Now from the one non-fiction book I did read, I did learn that the most common and successful method of hacking is called “social engineering”. That is a fancy word meaning someone conned the information out of someone else. Not only does it NOT take a programming savant to do this, I'd say such a “hack” would often be better performed by those less nerdy as nerds are notorious for their lack of “people skills”. Note this is simply a tendency and not always the case. I have met many very sharp computer “nerds” who were also extremely personable.

Now what about the DNC hack? Some say it was an inside job. Maybe it was, maybe it wasn't. I don't know at this point. What I do know is the release of these emails doesn't fit my definition of propaganda. The fact is they didn't surprise me much at all. What the emails did reveal is how much the main stream media was in bed with the Hillary campaign. Surprising? No. Illuminating? Certainly. Again, judging from the seemingly unending hacks and attacks at so many sites – Yahoo, banks, utilities (real hacks not the fake one recently reported by the Washington Post.) and so on, the Russians are the only players in this game. None of this is new or news. It happens all the time – so much so we would all likely be shaken if we knew the actual frequency. Individuals, corporations, governments and other criminal organizations (Oops! Did I say that?) are constantly at work trying to hack just about everything they can. If you have a small website, you needn't worry to much because these guys are after bigger fish. Cybersecurity is an ongoing battle. There is nothing new here. As one friend and security expert put once put it “The only way to secure a computer for certain is to dig a 10 foot hole in your back yard, smash your computer to pieces and drop them in the hole. Fill the hole with concrete and hope for the best.” Maybe if one were to dig 10,000 10 foot holes, this could be improved upon but not by much. The bottom line is, anyone who thinks anything online is secure is a fool. But there is something more insidious going on here.

The first thing you should know, if you don't already, is the powers at be do not want you to be secure. They HATE security and privacy – passionately. So besides all the huffing and puffing about security, beyond the fact that a virtual army of people are bent on breaching your innermost secrets, these same intelligence operatives make every effort to include some sort of “back door” access to just about any security solution out there. Forget the fact that this practice automatically corrupts any security in place by its very nature. Even if “only” someone in government has access, your security is at the mercy of their whims. The end all of this is any semblance of “security” is a joke on us. Smoke and mirrors if you will or to quote Pogo... “we have met the enemy and they are us.”

If that is not bad enough, do not forget our own government is bent on feeding us endless propaganda. In the words of CIA Director William Casey "We'll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false." Do you really think things have improved since Casey's reign? Recently I had a laugh when someone labeled the CIA “professional liars”. I laughed more at the irony than the truth the statement evokes. What is the goal of all of this?

Chaos and the determined development of a pliable populace. They want to keep us proles dazed and confused... so they can manipulate us with ease. Sadly they are very good at it. If you've read my other posts, you already know the globalists' ultimate goal is world domination via a one-world government. To accomplish this they need all nations to abdicate their sovereignty and submit to a world government. The United States of America is the biggest hurdle – the brass ring. If we fall the nations of the world will fall in line. (Some nations such as Russia and China will maintain a semblance of sovereignty but this will be mere lip service.) What will it take for America to fall? First , the people must be totally subjected to the federal government. This phase is almost complete but the plan is plagued by those pesky liberty lovers who still cling to their guns, bibles and the constitution. Many people no longer rivet their attention to the globalist controlled mainstream media – they get news from places like The Drudge Report, World Net Daily and all the others. They must be stopped. Once the free press is under control, free speech will be totally smothered next. Once citizens can only access approved news and dissent is no longer tolerated, they will do what they are told. Soon they will see the foolishness of this myth of sovereignty and welcome open borders and the security and stability of a truly central government.

Already, our REPULICAN CONTROLLED congress has passed a bill essentially authorizing a “ministry of truth”. It is the NDAA 2017 that opens the door for a government funded, government sanctified quasi-public agency to spew out official government “truth”. Note you will have to dig a bit to uncover this because congress buried what they did deep into the bill. Why? Because if they were up front about all of this people would be outraged... maybe. I wonder about this because the mechanism used for this had been in place for decades. It is a core component of the US of A's propaganda machine used to influence the world. Propaganda? You say? Yes, propaganda. For decades we've openly admitted our government seeks to influence people in other nations. What does it say to you when I mention that WHAT our government says to other nations was, up until now, forbidden to be revealed to US citizens? This information was eventually allowed to be released to the US public 12 years after the rest of the world was exposed to it. What kind of information? I don't know at this point because I only just learned about all this myself. I can only surmise the information was littered with lies and half-truths because if it was all true – why keep it from us? And yet some find it acceptable, even reasonable for our government to lie to people of other nations while some of those see no problem with lying to us. The fact is we've been lied to all along. Now the lies are being fed steroids.

All of this is contrived to further the globalists' ultimate goal of a one-world government. Once again, my goal is to point out some of the warning signs for you to see. They are all around us and they are all pointing to the same end game. I would have to quit my job and devote all of my time to this in order to try to point them all out to you. At this point that is not an option so I urge you to investigate on your own. Where can you look? EVERYWHERE! Look anywhere. Simply open your eyes and ask yourself if what you see promotes a one-world government agenda. I'll start you out by naming a few: Climate change, open-borders,illegal immigration, LGBT, zoning, Agenda 21, gun control – the list goes on and on. Ask yourself – who is promoting liberty? Who is promoting sovereignty? These represent the antithesis of globalism. Please note you will find some advocating all kinds of strategies to circumvent this from political action to outright revolution. Also note that I know of NO ONE on the right instigating violence or advising anyone to do so. As for me, I do not believe anything will prevent what is coming. Thus I urge those of you who have not accepted Jesus the Messiah as your Lord and Savior to do so now – or at least begin a quest for the truth. I am convinced the truth will lead you directly to Jesus. If you have already accepted Jesus as Lord, then I urge you to ask God for guidance as to what to do next.  

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