Wednesday, April 4, 2018

They Really DON'T Want Your Guns... They Want YOU!

Yet another rendition of the gun grabbing circus act plays out as I write. This time, I took a step back to try to see the forest for the trees. The view was startling. What did I see?

There is more to all of this than just gun grabbing. The key is to really think about the statement: "Gun control is not about guns - it is about control." Control what? Not guns... control YOU. I'm certain many reading this will want to scream how obvious this is. I agree, but let me ask you... how easy are you to control? Will confiscating your guns do the trick? I thought not. The controllers understand this too.

The fact is we need to look beyond confiscation. What do you see? Internment camps? Police
uniforms? Jack boots? Of course, these are all symbols of a tyrannical police state. This is exactly what I see - not the police state but the tyranny. I can see some of you reading this shaking their heads, picturing me as some wild-eyed right-wingnut terrified of the falling sky. Umm, no, I'm not in panic mode, nor do I fear any of this. I am simply an observer who writes what he sees unfolding. I may get it right and I may not. Only time will tell. Meanwhile, shall we consider some of the things bringing me to this conclusion?

The controllers control. Who are these “controllers”? I could name some today but tomorrow they might well be gone, replaced by some other controller. They could be an elected official, a government employee or someone out of the limelight altogether – who lurks in those fabled smoke-filled back rooms. Even if you dismiss this concept entirely, ask yourself, exactly how many rules, laws and regulations have been repealed or otherwise diminished in your lifetime? How many rules, laws and regulations have been enacted that have increased your freedom? Did anybody ask you? Did you vote for all of those men and women who enacted these rules? Are you getting my point yet? (I am speaking to the doubters and hoping the choir is still with me.) We were all born on a leash and said leash is shortened day by day. The controllers control.

However total control is thwarted by those of us who resist or refuse to be controlled. Don't get me wrong, we only resist or refuse in part. Few, if any, practice total anarchy. Yet we all have our own subtle and not so subtle ways of regaining some sort of control. We might cross against traffic or ignore a speed limit from time to time. Most of the time such micro revolts are not conscious. Nor are such actions limited to liberty-minded folks. However some of us sport opinions and convictions totally contrary to those of the ruling class. We are armed (one of the aforementioned opinions and/or convictions – the right to defend ourselves is ours alone and not “granted” by the controllers.). Such ideas and attitudes threaten the controllers. They know they cannot posses complete control until we are disarmed but, as stated previously, they also know removing said arms will not remove the threat. I am sure they understand that the very act of removing said arms will endanger the very control they've worked so hard to obtain and possibly even reap consequences they are horrified to consider. So, if we were to put ourselves in their place... what would be the logical solution? Remove the threat. We are the threat.

Our very existence poses a dicey problem. As we are naturally law-abiding and peaceful, it is not like the controllers could simply cart off us even if we were unarmed. Granted many on the fringes hate us but most of the population does not. In order for the controllers to gain more control they need the support of the masses. Right now they do not have the support they need to wipe us deplorables out, thus the constant propaganda campaigns to turn public opinion against anything we believe in. So far they've corrupted all of our moral arguments to some extent. In some areas we are shamed even for having a difference in opinion and these areas are expanding.

I see at least two avenues of attack. First, they normalize their own immorality and deviant behavior. As their behavior becomes the norm, our behavior becomes abnormal. Once this is fully in effect, they can marginalize us while campaigning to rid the world of us. We become “The Jewish Problem” of the 21st Century. While they have made great inroads they are not quite there yet. This leads to the second avenue of attack: villanizing guns and gun ownership.

First it was “gun violence” and now it is simply “guns”. Whether intentional or not, the progression here is nothing short of propaganda genius. Who can like “gun violence”? Certainly, any reasonable person will hate it. This hatred is now being redirected at guns. Even staunch gun rights proponents are being shamed into giving something to “The Cause.” Too few of us resist this. Too many have already caved. Whatever the controllers get, it will never be enough. Even when they have it all, they will come back for more. The end goal is directing the hatred towards gun owners. They want the blessing of the public to seek and destroy anyone who even supports second amendment rights – whether they own guns or not.

Much has been said already about the consequences of confiscation. Many predict a bloodbath with the controllers ending up on the wrong end of things. Point taken, however timing is everything. So-called “assault weapons” of one kind or another are already banned in several states. (Remember in legalese, definitions are everything and the lawmakers determine what those definitions are.) None of these include everything the controllers want but it is a start. They will continue to hammer away until anyone who owns a gun is either on one list or another. At some point they will start going after those on the lists. Impossible you say? It is already happening in California. It took a less than week for police to invoke the newly passed Florida law and start confiscating guns. Other states either already are, have or are about to commence confiscations. What lists? How about felons? Other lists include the mentally disabled, PTSD sufferers, medical marijuana card holders. What about those accused of domestic violence, traffic violations or identified as just plain scary? Every single group has documented cases of confiscations. Every. Single. One. So tell me...

Where is the uproar? Who is fighting back? Certainly most of not all of these are or were challenged in the courts. Decisions have landed on both sides. You can rest assured most decisions will favor the controllers. Whatever happens, do not expect a law enforcement army to start busting down doors. Things will not happen that way for a long time. As I said, confiscations will increase as the lists expand. At some point some team will knock on the wrong door. What will happen when a cop dies “in the line of duty”? Will it matter whether law enforcement has little or no legal ground for the invasion? Probably not. The focus will be on the dead cop. Photos of his loving family will be splattered all over television screens. The msm machine will spew out hate in full force. Authorities will vow to double down, to wipe out this new “domestic terrorist threat”. Confiscations will not stop, rather they will increase. Meanwhile the controllers will pull no punches in their efforts to bully, harass and berate gun owners. They will do everything possible to make it harder to obtain, keep and use firearms. They are relentless in their lust for control, they will not be denied.

Here is a short list of some of their tactics. Each one is already deployed.

Attack guns as the culprit while marginalizing gun owners.

Continually increase the type and number of guns banned. Expand banned accessories.

Register all firearms so they may be banned and confiscated in the future. This may be accomplished via some back door method, such as requiring gun owners carry insurance on each firearm they own.

Villianize gun owners in order to sanction confiscation by force.

Attack, harass and bully gun owners incessantly making it as difficult, expensive and
problematic to own firearms as possible.

Attack on every level and in every way possible. Invade their homes, restrict public access severely restrict where and when and how they can buy, sell, shoot and/or train.

Pile on regulations and taxation for anything not outright banned.

Expand the lists of those banned from owning guns, such as including anyone take certain prescription medicines such as psychoactive drugs or pain medicines.

Those who willingly give up their guns will soon be put under control. At the very least, they will be added to a watch list of possible “subversives”. The controllers will have no qualms about killing anyone who dares resist. I suspect they would rather kill us now than later. The only thing stopping them is self-preservation. If they thought for one moment they could disarm us today they would do it. Some, such as Dianne Feinstein has already said as much. How much longer before groups of deplorables are marched into gas chambers?

They have no morals. They are devoid of anything resembling ethics or empathy. In one respect they are caged wild animals and we are their fresh meat. From the time I started writing this essay until now, calls for repealing the Second Amendment have ramped up. The push is on. Keep in mind this is an old salesman bait and switch. They “call” for total repeal of the Second Amendment then they “settle” for a ban on whatever they can negotiate a ban on. Rinse and repeat.

Look for the propaganda campaign to continue to intensify. With every win they swing the public mood towards their goal. This is exactly the reason they took this path – gun “violence”, guns, gun “owners”. They will soon point out and fixate on the idea that we are the problem because we refuse to cooperate – “clinging to our guns”. It is not the guns they want, really, it is control. They essentially control the left and now they are coming for us.

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